About Autobahn

Erich and Margaret Dornauer started the first Autobahn Cafe in August 1994 and this is situated on the first BP Motorway Service Centre in New Zealand at Bombay. 

Five years later in 1999, BP Oil built its 2nd Motorway Service Centre at Papakura of which we are proud to be part of. 

Erich is a Chef by trade and did his training in Austria and Margaret has a strong administration background.  We based our Cafes on the Motorway Service Centres in Europe and in fact that is how we got our name - the word Autobahn in German means Motorway. 

Our aim right from the start was to provide the travelling public as well as local people a very extensive menu at affordable family prices all day every day.  We also felt it is very important to offer rest and refreshment to the travelling public in a welcoming modern environment.  We have always employed local people and where possible use local suppliers.